Lincoln Martial Arts

2942 Tintern Road
Vineland, Ontario, Canada L0R 2C0
Phone: (905) 563-6372

Andy began his martial arts training in Toronto, Canada studying Shito-Ryu karate under K. C. Sumura at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre in 1966. This was followed by Shotokan karate under Gary Posovad and Robert Hurst in Burlington, Ontario who were affiliated with Frank Wanatai (ISKF). In 1984, Andy joined the Butoku Kai organization studying Shorinji-Ryu karate under O’Sensei Richard Kim and Sensei Eileen Dennis at the Grimsby Karate Club. He received his ZBBK Shodan in 1987, and progressed through the ranks to Godan in 2005. Andy also received a level five certification in the art of Tai Chi. Andy now trains under Sensei Brian Ricci, Chief Instructor and head of the Zen Bei Butoku Kai International.

The Lincoln Martial Arts Club provides instruction in traditional Japanese martial arts including Karate, Kobudo, Tai Chi, Chi Gong, and Paqua. Karate training emphasizes self defense without the use of weapons. Kobudo training is instruction in traditional weapons. The curriculum trains students in both physical and mental disciplines to achieve the essential elements of physical fitness, self defense capability and the philosophical attitudes of self discipline, respect and compassion. The overall direction of training is to teach elements of conflict resolution and the avoidance of physical confrontation. The programme stimulates and develops self confidence and teaches self control and respect for others. Karate instruction provides the student with the most effective and efficient method of self defense available. The Club follows the kyu belt system of ranking recognizing student development by varying colour belt levels starting at white and progressing through seven ranks leading to black belt.

Grimsby Recreational Karate Club

162 Livingston Avenue
Grimsby, Ontario, Canada L3M 1L1
Phone: (905) 563-4541

Sensei Lisa Robinson is the current instructor of the Grimsby Recreational Karate Club, which was first founded by Sensei Eileen Dennis nearly forty years ago. She currently holds a godan (fifth degree black belt) in shorinji ryu karate and has her NCCP coaching certificate. Robinson is a former Nationals Champion and a World Class Champion. She also holds certification in jujitsu and is an inductee of the WUKO Black Belt Hall of Fame.

Robinson is proud of her school’s membership in the Butoku-Kai of Canada and the Zen Bei Butoku-Kai International. She prides herself in creating an environment for children and adults alike to learn, grow, and gain self-confidence. The learning and giving of respect is expected of every student at the Grimsby Recreational Karate Club thanks to Robinson’s guidance.

Foley's Family Karate

P.O. Box 504
47 Main Street South
Milverton, ON N0K 1M0, Canada
Phone: (519) 502-7408

I began training in 1975 in the Shotokan style in Stratford, Ontario. Around 1981 the Stratford dojo was turned over to my father, Dennis Foley, and shortly thereafter joined O'Sensei Kim's Zen Bei Butoku-Kai Organization. I received my Shodan in 1984 from the Zen Bei Butoku Kai and assisted my father in teaching the classes in Stratford. In 1990, around the time I received my Nidan, I took over the Stratford dojo as chief instructor when my father decided to stop teaching. I opened a second dojo in Kitchener, Ontario in 1995. More recently, I was awarded the rank of Godan from the Zen Bei Butoku-Kai International and continue to run Foley's Family Karate dojos in Kitchener and Stratford, teaching Shorin-ji ryu karate, kobudo and tai chi.

30 Mc Creery Road
Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada N5C 4G1


Bob Jones started his Martial Arts training at the age of 18(1980) in London, Ontario. Four years later he decided to dedicate a large portion of his life to the serious study of Go-Ju Ryu Karate-do. He received his Shodan in 1987 from O Sensei Richard Kim. His main source of instruction and inspiration has been O Sensei Richard Kim since 1989. Through consistent study and practice he received his Nidan in 1993 and his Sandan in 2000. His continued study and practice have lead him to manage a Dojo in his hometown of Ingersoll, Ontario. His classes focus on developing life skill through Martial Arts training. Respect, compassion and gratitude are emphasized in a safe, energetic and fun environment. was designed by Tony Romanelli