Butoku Karate Dojo

16776 21 Mile Road
Macomb Township, Michigan 48044
Phone: (586) 416-DOJO
Fax: (586) 416-3657
Website: www.butokukarate.com
Email: jdwasilina@comcast.net

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Romanelli’s International Martial Arts

43990 North Gratiot Avenue
Clinton Township, Michigan 48036-1307
Phone: (586) 466-3682
Fax: (586) 466-3797
Website: www.internationalma.com
Email: sensei@internationalma.com

The head instructor at Romanelli’s International Martial Arts is Sensei Dean Romanelli. Romanelli has studied the martial arts for over half of his life. His primary studies include Karate, Kobudo (weaponry), Tai Chi, Aikido, and Modern Arnis. He currently teaches and holds black belt levels in all of these arts. Sensei Romanelli has also had the opportunity to learn and study Iaido (Japanese sword), Jujitsu (grappling), & Aikijujitsu. Throughout his continual learning and teaching he has come to realize that no form of martial art is better than the other. All martial arts relate and connect with one another and they all have something great to offer. It is for this reason that Romanelli refuses to specialize and continues to explore all avenues that the martial arts have to offer.

Sensei Romanelli has completed several instructor training programs and martial arts school director training programs in order to educate himself for the betterment of his students on how to do what he does everyday. Romanelli believes that a martial arts instructor is just a full-time student. Learning never stops even at the highest of black belt levels. Romanelli makes it his goal to lead by example in this respect. Although the martial arts has a lot to do with self-defense and combat, for Sensei Romanelli it has a lot to do with personal development and goal achievement. He credits the martial arts and his instructors for the person he has come to be and the attitude and outlook on life he has attained. It is this that Romanelli tries to ingrain and pass on to each and every one of his students.

Dynamic Martial Arts

54730 Shelby Road
Shelby Township, Michigan 48316
Phone: (248) 650-6322
Email: senseidavis04@yahoo.com

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The College of Martial Arts

32040 Utica Road
Fraser, Michigan 48026
Phone: (586) 294-9181
Email: burtneyryan@yahoo.com

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Traditional Karate Dojo

35224 23 Mile Road
New Baltimore, Michigan 48047
Phone: (586) 601-4220
Email: brandonslicker@ymail.com

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